ITU Telecom World 2015 was the most significant event this year in the life of Hungarian IT industry. The information and communication agency of the United Nations honored our country by organizing its yearly conference in Hungary on its 150th anniversary.


For this occasion we were invited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade to create a special issue, which could present not only the exhibitors of the conference, but also the host country. This way the magazine provided a comprehensive view on the past and present of the IT market, and allowed an insight into the future.

This English issue focused on ITU, which can be observed on the cover as well, as the graphics of the stamp, issued by the Hungarian Post for the 150th anniversary of ITU.



The management of ITU – History of ITU– Smart buildings – Hungarian firms on the international market – 5G: Connecting the world – Yachts of lake Balaton – Indoor sports for the shivering

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The magazine received an official recognition from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, which was signed by István Manno, the Ministerial Commissioner responsible for the organization of the event.


We believe that, by browsing the magazine from time to time and by reading the articles will help our readers to get inspired by extensive and interesting business ideas and crispy-new information.

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